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Healthcare data hosting compliance in Europe and HDS compliance in France

Personal healthcare data is particularly sensitive, and its confidentiality is rigorously governed in all European states, through the GDPR as well as local requirements.

As a cloud solutions provider in this sector we have in-depth expertise, and offer our customers a specific contract for hosting healthcare data which is applicable to a number of European countries.

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Strict contractual commitments

We offer contractual conditions that are specific to the healthcare sector, including appropriate security measures and availability commitments. These terms explicitly set out the responsibilities shared between the customer and OVHcloud. You must also be subscribed to a Business or Enterprise level of support.

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Global compliance for a number of European countries

We are committed to following regulatory obligations, such as the GDPR in Europe and various healthcare data hosting legislation in a number of countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the UK*.

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HDS certification for French patients

The French Digital Healthcare Agency (ANS) sets a rigorous framework for practices related to hosting healthcare data, in which HDS certification is a mandatory requirement. After initial approval in 2016, OVHcloud received HDS certification in 2019, so that all of its healthcare sector customers could benefit from this guarantee.

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Additional information

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Requirements for hosting healthcare data

In order to subscribe to an OVHcloud service to host healthcare data, customers must first subscribe to a Business or Enterprise level of support for the service in question, and accept the terms set out in the “OVHcloud Healthcare Addendum” specific to hosting this type of data. Please contact our sales department

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Politique Health and Social care

Healthcare data is among the most sensitive information that our customers entrust to us, and its corruption, disclosure to unauthorised persons or its unavailability results in a considerable loss. Our health and social care policy specifies the OVHcloud ISSP in terms of providing of healthcare data hosting services, and by extension any service identified by the customer as contributing to the health or social care of individuals.

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OVHcloud Healthcare solutions

Healthcare data and hosting solutions are an important building block in the healthcare journey. OVHcloud is conscious of the challenges associated with protecting this data and guaranteeing availability — and offers a dedicated range of resilient, scalable cloud hosting solutions. We ensure regulatory compliance for hosting healthcare data in the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, the US and other countries*.

Our compliant services for hosting healthcare data in France (HDS), Germany, Italy, the UK and Poland

OVHcloud documentation for enabling the HDS healthcare data hosting option via the OVHcloud Control Panel is available for Hosted Private Cloud services. Please contact our sales team to enable it on Bare Metal Cloud services.

Additional services

Certifications and reports

Our customers can request access to our certifications and reports. They may also obtain documents relating to our certifications under certain conditions.


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On-site audits

We only authorise audits carried out by third parties for the purpose of certifying all relevant parties. Contact our sales department to access this type of service.