OVHcloud Business Support

The right level of support for production environments. OVHcloud Business Support provides 24/7 access to technical support. The purpose of this is to provide a first response within 30 minutes to your critical incidents (criticality level P1). It also gives you the option of requesting additional cloud architecture services (on quotation).

Le support Business OVHcloud

Custom service

We are keen to build a solid relationship with your teams, based on sharing information openly and transparently. These discussions will give us a better understanding of your infrastructure, and the challenges you face. A telephone number (with no additional charge) is provided for all customers who sign up to Business support — and they can use this in addition to other communication channels. You can also use the OVHcloud Control Panel to submit your requests to our technical Business Support team.


We implement a range of measures to ensure that we process requests for critical production environments more quickly than for lower support levels. This way, your requests are prioritised over the Standard and Premium support levels. For non-urgent maintenance operations scheduled in advance, we will warn you beforehand via notification whenever possible, so that you can manage your services.


Do you face and technical challenges, and/or have questions about our solutions and their pricing? With Business support, you can stay in contact with a team of dedicated engineers who deliver the ultimate customer experience. Together with your teams and our experts, we advise you on your infrastructure, and develop both action plans and continuous improvement plans.

Sign up to Business support

Price: 10% of your monthly bill for OVHcloud services,
with a minimum billing threshold of US$ 280 ex. GST/month (ex. VAT)



We provide you with as much information as possible when you set up Business Support. To do this, we hold a sync meeting to provide you with details on how Business Support is organised, and how it works. This exchange provides a good basis for both parties to understand each others’ expectations.

Request priority system

To deliver continuous support, our priority system gives us precise information on the nature of your requests. This allows us to act according to their criticality. With online support, you can also track your technical requests via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Service level objectives (SLO)

OVHcloud aims to provide an initial incident response within the following timeframes:





Request handling time* Priority (P1)

An incident affecting the availability of all or most services — critical impact for customers

Thirty (30) minutes
  Priority (P2) An incident affecting part of the services — critical or significant impact for customers Sixty (60) minutes
  Priority (P3) An incident resulting in degraded services — moderate impact for customers Four (4) hours
  Priority (P4/P5) Support or advice request — minimal impact for the customer Eight (8) hours

*The “handling time” is the period between the time at which OVHcloud registers the incident ticket, and the time that the Business Support team processes the incident. ‘Handling’ refers to the incident ticket being processed by OVHcloud, not the point at which the incident is resolved.

**We cannot provide any guarantee that we can meet the service levels defined above.

When an incident ticket is opened, the priority is selected by the customer, then confirmed by OVHcloud when it is processed.

Choose your support level

Find out which solution is best suited to your needs, and choose the level of support you need.