OVHcloud Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support provides you with key account expertise for your critical production environments, with extensive 24/7 technical support and additional services.

Le support Enterprise OVHcloud
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Extended technical support

24/7 access to Enterprise support engineers (English- or French-speaking) and priority support for your requests over other support levels.

A telephone number (with no additional charge) is provided for all customers who sign up to Enterprise support — and they can use this in addition to other communication channels.

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Categorisation of requests

To track your support requests depending on how critical they are, we have set up a system with 5 priority levels. Depending on the circumstances, a maximum priority incident (P1) may automatically trigger the setup of a crisis unit led by the Technical Account Manager. They will then coordinate the actions between our teams, so that we can get your service up and running again as quickly as we can.

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Proactivity and custom services

Your IT infrastructure is subject to regular custom monitoring, so you will be informed of any maintenance operations. We will detail how the maintenance will be carried out, and any potential impacts we expect to result from it. Whenever possible, we also offer an extended time slot for maintenance, so that you can adapt it to suit your business requirements. On request, during certain tests (e.g. disaster recovery plans, infrastructure migration), our experts will help you create a project plan (on quotation).

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Additional services

The Enterprise support level gives you access to additional, top-range services.

  • Private racks*
  • SecNumCloud qualified services

*Subject to availability and datacentre capacity.

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OVHcloud support teams located in Europe

Some European organisations would like to see interventions for their cloud-hosted services and data performed solely by personnel located within the European Union. To meet this type of requirement, for services provided from within the European Union, customers can request from their account team to receive a trusted version of the Enterprise support contract (differentiated pricing). This way, you can ensure that your interventions are only carried out by EU-based teams.

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Security audits

With Enterprise support, you can request an audit of the infrastructures you own, both on-site and remotely (4 hours of audit/year). This is to ensure that the OVHcloud ISMS is working properly for certified services, or to help you receive a certification.

These audits will be organised depending on the availability of security teams, and procedures for accessing our datacentres. They must be requested a minimum of 30 days in advance.

Sign up to Enterprise support

Please feel free to contact our sales advisors for any further information.


Key Account Manager

During the pre-sales phase, our Solutions Architects and Key Account Managers can offer you technical support if you request an estimate. They will give advice on using OVHcloud solutions, and can provide recommendations on your scalability and technological development needs.

Technical Account Manager

The Technical Account Manager is responsible for your onboarding, and regular monitoring of your OVHcloud solutions. They are your appointed technical contact point.

This contact will be available continuously to help you use your services, and will help you implement the infrastructures your projects are based on.

Every month, they draw up an activity report. This document lists the availability rates for the services, the follow-up to support requests, a dashboard for resource usage, and recommendations for upgrading the OVHcloud infrastructures you use.

Finally, if you need advanced or specific support, they can mobilise one or more specialists (e.g. architects, security experts) on quotation.

Proximity and responsiveness

With Enterprise Support, you can prioritise the delivery of new services on request via your Technical Account Manager, and you can also discuss the OVHcloud roadmap. For requests with a P1 criticality level, our goal is to provide you with a first response within 15 minutes.

Events with our experts

Throughout the year, you can meet our experts at exhibitions, meetups and webinars, such as the OVHcloud Academy. These events are a great opportunity for you to chat about our services, and how they fit into your infrastructure.

Choose your support level

Find out which solution is best suited to your needs, and choose the level of support you need.