Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions

Hybrid and Multi-cloud

The Fastest Path to Your Own Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

As your organisation evolves, so too must your infrastructure, both to ensure your applications and data hosting deliver the best possible results, and to keep costs under control. To make this journey as effortless as possible, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds - on-premises and the cloud - when you connect your datacentres to OVHcloud as a true hybrid cloud infrastructure. With secure links to OVHcloud Public Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud and dedicated bare-metal servers, you have the perfect foundation with which to create your own sophisticated multi-cloud architecture.


We operate our own secure global network, with a multi-terabyte capacity, so you can connect to our extended portfolio of services at any of our datacentres, across several continents. This makes a worldwide hybrid cloud solution accessible to organisations at all levels.


As we are committed to full reversibility of your data, we only offer non-proprietary or de-facto industry standards, combined with APIs that make your transition to the cloud stress-free and offer your teams complete ease of use.


Not all hybrid cloud providers are equal. That means your multi-cloud strategy may require some cost optimisation for specific workloads and storage. To keep full control of your costs, you can easily connect OVHcloud solutions to multiple cloud providers. Furthermore, all network traffic is free of charge.

Build your multi-cloud infrastructure, for a true hybrid cloud

Isolate your traffic by connecting to a worldwide private network.
Effortlessly up- and downscale your resources in real-time.
Enjoy maximum predictability when it comes to your costs.
Avoid any vendor lock-in, with full reversibility for your cloud solutions.

How it works


Extend your network to OVHcloud datacentres

Connectivity is the first step, as you need to link your infrastructure to OVHcloud datacentres. A dedicated link to OVHcloud's fibre-optic network between datacentres provides high availability across all regions, for all your solutions. Your workloads and your data are completely isolated from public internet access, and you can easily connect your security gateways. Take advantage of OVHcloud's powerful private network bandwidth, with unmetered ingress/egress traffic – free of charge.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Decide exactly what you keep on-premises

You retain full control of where your data is hosted, with the freedom to scale your infrastructure across your on-premises solutions and isolated spaces in OVHcloud datacentres. With our private network, you can define all the security rules for the data you host at OVHcloud, and you don't need public internet access for running your applications. Security is maximised across your whole multi-cloud, and your most critical data can stay on-site.

Step 3 OVHcloud

Scale your infrastructure for hybrid cloud

As you can interconnect your current cloud providers, on-premises workloads and OVHcloud services, you can effortlessly scale and achieve high availability for all your cloud solutions. From Hosted Private Cloud (powered by VMware), to Public Cloud (powered by OpenStack) and bare-metal servers, you are free to design and manage your own hybrid cloud. And because OVHcloud commits to full reversibility for your data, you can host even the most business-critical workloads in OVHcloud datacentres, with no charges for network traffic.

Our partners

Since 2003, Irontec has delivered the assurance that your infrastructures and applications are in good hands. In recent years, it has won the most awards as an OVHcloud partner, and was presented with the Best Service and Solutions Provider award at the Open Awards 2019.

Grupo Trevenque
Grupo Trevenque

Grupo Trevenque helps companies use technology to improve their processes and business models. With more than 25 years of experience, it brings software and cloud solutions to its customers.

Key Features


Automate and orchestrate your infrastructure in minutes through an online control panel, a wide range of APIs, or the tools you already know and trust.

Highly availability

Different replications and high-availability options are available to suit a wide range of requirements, combined with robust service level agreements that ensure 99.99% uptime.


Because you only pay for the resources you use, and not the ingress or egress network traffic between OVHcloud datacentres, you can predict your cloud budget and plan accordingly, with clear, monthly billing. 

Reversibility thanks to industry standards

Entrust OVHcloud with your data and we guarantee you will always be able to recover it via standard, easy-to-use protocols and APIs.

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What is hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud architecture is any infrastructure that incorporates multiple cloud and bare-metal solutions, hosted both on-premises and in external datacentres. This can involve a tremendous range of bespoke combinations, designed to suit organisation’s specific requirements in terms of security, scalability and flexibility, as well as any applicable laws and regulations regarding data sovereignty and reversibility.

A good hybrid cloud example would be utilising on-premises bare-metal servers to store sensitive customer data and fulfil any specific compliance requirements, while linking these servers to OVHcloud Public Cloud instances that power the related application or solution via a secure, private connection to the appropriate OVHcloud datacentre.

As with many hybrid cloud or multi-cloud solutions, this combines the best of both worlds: the control and security of on-premises bare metal, with the flexibility and scalability of the Public Cloud. Customer data is kept fully isolated, with the customer retaining complete control over where it is located, while the Public Cloud allows new instances to be deployed, re-deployed or deleted, on an as-needed basis, with a single click. This allows the customer to effortlessly manage traffic peaks and expand into new geographical areas, while maintaining their established approach to data security.

This is just one possible example of an effective hybrid cloud architecture. Any sort of multi-cloud strategy will be designed with an organisation’s short- and long-term goals and requirements, as well as its budget and level of existing technical expertise in mind. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Why does hybrid cloud matter to your organisation?

As more and more organisations contemplate moving their infrastructures to the cloud, the question of how to scale in effective, affordable and secure way has become increasingly important. The security, sovereignty and reversibility of data has become a pressing concern, particularly organisations that handle sensitive customer data on a regular basis. That’s where the hybrid cloud approach shows its true value…

A hybrid cloud or multi-cloud solution is the logical answer to these questions. It offers the ideal path for any organisation looking to move into the cloud, while retaining full control over how and where their data is hosted, transferred and managed, regardless of their industry, budget and long-term goals for their infrastructure. Regardless of an organisation’s industry, budget and current level of internal expertise, the full range of potential hybrid cloud benefits is within easy reach.

OVHcloud’s cloud and bare-metal solutions have all been designed with this in mind, so our customers and their end users enjoy maximum performance and consistency as their infrastructures evolve. With OVHcloud, you are free to mix solutions and even hybrid cloud providers in whatever way best suits your long-term multi-cloud strategy. And you will always enjoy complete reversibility of your data, regardless of which of our global network of datacentres it is hosted in.