Disaster recovery solution

Disaster Recovery

Secure Your Critical Data with OVHcloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

Guarantee continuous uptime for your most critical applications and data, without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery site. OVHcloud Disaster Recovery is powered by Zerto and Veeam by VMware. It offers virtual machine replication and fast, secure disaster recovery solutions – all fully-integrated into the cloud. This allows you to implement the right disaster recovery plan for your entire multi-cloud environment, across OVHcloud's global network of datacentres. Once you do, your apps and data will always be available, driving innovation and business agility, and protecting the integrity of your brand.


OVHcloud systems and solutions are highly durable and we make accommodations for hardware failure, power outages and cyber attacks, with redundant components. OVHcloud manages the sites where your data is replicated which means that you can easily offer your customers robust SLAs and guaranteed uptime.


You can opt for monthly billing, allowing you to convert CapEx to OpEx for your replication site. This way, you will be able to implement a disaster recovery plan that's fully in line with your preferred RPO/RTO strategy, based on clear costs and business objectives.

Flexible and scalable

Whatever your existing VMware production environment, you can choose between different scenarios for disaster recovery, even for the most demanding replication needs. You will always benefit from our dedicated private network, for scalable and secure data transfers between your on-premises infrastructure and OVHcloud.

Stay ahead of the game by protecting your data

Protect your virtual machines against technical issues, data loss and service interruptions.
Choose from a range of inclusive, flexible disaster recovery solutions, with pay-as-you-go billing.
Get started with Zerto DRP and guarantee your data's resilience at any OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud datacentre.
Boost your ability to perform regular fail-over safety tests.


Connect your on-premises infrastructure to OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud

Multiple points of presence (PoPs) and dedicated network connectivity can be used to connect your on-premises infrastructure to OVHcloud, while the fibre-optic network between our datacentres is used to sync your data. Data is transferred between different sites via a VPN, which means all your exchanges are 100% secure. Once you do this, you enjoy the full power of the OVHcloud private network's bandwidth, with unmetered ingress/egress traffic – free of charge.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Activate your disaster recovery solutions

OVHcloud disaster recovery solutions are transparent, so you are charge of their configuration. Choose the VMs you want to protect, then deploy your backup infrastructure at your preferred OVHcloud datacentre. Once you have done so, you can begin a high-speed replication of your virtual machines on the OVHcloud network. You can then effortlessly switch production to the replicated environment in the cloud.

Step 3 OVHcloud

Once your data is synchronised, you're safe!

Once your virtual machines have been copied, if an emergency occurs, just click "FAILOVER" in your Zerto interface to launch your backup infrastructure. You can also use your disaster recovery solutions to replicate your data between different OVHcloud datacentres. Implementing an effective disaster recovery plan has never been so simple!

Our partners

Since 2003, Irontec has delivered the assurance that your infrastructures and applications are in good hands. In recent years, it has won the most awards as an OVHcloud partner, and was presented with the Best Service and Solutions Provider award at the Open Awards 2019.

Grupo Trevenque
Grupo Trevenque

Grupo Trevenque helps companies use technology to improve their processes and business models. With more than 25 years of experience, it brings software and cloud solutions to its customers.

Key Features


It takes just seconds to launch a cloud host for disaster recovery, with CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation at the selected OVHcloud datacentre. You can then migrate your data onto a new infrastructure at a second OVHcloud datacentre in just one click, where it will be fully protected and constantly available.


Full-site failover to a remote disaster recovery site is fully automated in just a few clicks, through a secure web portal. It's also possible to instantly switch over to selected VM replicas, or get partial site failover to restore normal business operations as quickly as possible.


All required hardware, software and related licensing is included. Once set up, 1-click failover orchestration, for quick execution and site failover testing, makes it easy to run periodic failover simulations without disrupting production workloads.


Keep your data safe through a secure encrypted connexion to a service provider. We also utilise multiple traffic-reduction technologies, including built-in WAN acceleration for replicas.

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What is disaster recovery planning?

Disaster recovery planning is the high-level term for the practice of having data backup, storage and recovery methods, and the complementary processes, permanently in place, in order to ensure infrastructures can be restored quickly and securely in the event of a hardware failure or cyber-attack. This is a key part of guaranteeing business continuity, as any infrastructure failures can quickly become a serious financial loss, and building customer confidence, as any failures or attacks will affect service quality and may lead to pay-outs when service level agreements are not met.

IT disaster recovery solutions can be both virtual (e.g. back instances) or physical (dedicated backup servers), and can be located either on-premises, or in an external datacentre. At OVHcloud, we are committed to ensuring our customers retain full control of our data, and therefore offer multiple physical and VM disaster recovery solutions, so you can ensure effective backup and DRP measures are incorporated into your infrastructure by design, in the way that best suits you.

We also offer a range of different approaches to data backup and disaster recovery solutions through our Storage range of dedicated servers, including data backup, differential backup, and incremental backup, for maximum freedom and flexibility.

Why is disaster recovery key for any organisation?

Now more than ever, customers all over the world demand the highest standards of consistency and security, while at the same time, cyber-attackers are growing increasingly sophisticated in their methods. This makes effective IT disaster recovery solutions more than a luxury for growing organisations – they are an essential aspect of providing customers with truly global, first-class solutions, and ensuring full compliance with all applicable local regulations regarding data security.

As an organisation grows, it’s essential that their backup and recovery solutions evolve in parallel, with a comprehensive range of enterprise disaster recovery solutions in place. This will ensure customers and end users enjoy a fully consistent standard of performance and security, wherever they are in the world. And even in the event of the worst, the right disaster recovery solutions will ensure any damage can be quickly mitigated or avoided altogether, allowing companies to offer their customers the most robust SLAs, for complete peace of mind.

At OVHcloud, all our solutions are designed with effective disaster recovery as a key concern. We offer a wide range of physical and virtual backup and recovery options, including the most cutting-edge VMware disaster recovery solutions. This way, you can use the tools you already know and trust to ensure your solutions and data are always available and always secure, even in the event of the worst.