Digital Transformation Solutions

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Digital Transformation Solutions

As organisations look for new ways to transform their core businesses, they can draw on our full range of solutions to accelerate their journey to the cloud.

In order to offer effective cost optimisation and maximum agility with legacy IT environments, we have designed a range of pre-configured and pre-packaged solutions, built with the most advanced OVHcloud products. Organisations can now move faster to the cloud, while utilising cost-effective, high-performance solutions to solve their business problems.

About our solutions

Discover OVHcloud solutions, designed to help organisations from all industries and all business domains. Those solutions rely on core products delivered by OVHcloud, and are based on our Public Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud and bare-metal dedicated servers, hosted in OVHcloud's global network of datacentres.

Solutions by industry

Learn about our solutions designed for the public and private sectors to cover specific domains and address also highly-regulated industries. Those solutions categories help you navigate our entire solutions portfolio for hosting your most business critical data.

Depending on your requirements some customisation and additional assistance can be offered to better support your business. Our team of experts is ready to answer to all your questions and discuss your specific needs.

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What are hybrid cloud solutions?

More and more organisations all over the world, in all industries, are reconsidering the way they deploy, scale and manage their infrastructures. Throughout this trend’s development, OVHcloud has been leading the way in terms of delivering digital media solutions that drive organisations’ digital transformations.

Hybrid cloud solutions can be difficult to define, as they can take many forms, including bare-metal hardware, private clouds, and public cloud instances – all deployed in a near-infinite range of configurations. What they all have in common is that they are intended to help organisations move away from the traditional on-premises datacentre model, and legacy systems that are becoming increasingly time-consuming and expensive to maintain.

This might involve migrating certain areas of an infrastructure to the cloud, for improved cost control and scalability, then linking them to an on-premises datacentre. Alternatively, it might involve a full decommissioning of the on-premises infrastructure, and a full migration to the cloud. The potential opportunities are huge, but this means the right combination of digital media solutions, efficiently deployed and interconnected with optimal data security in mind, are essential.

OVHcloud’s entire range of hybrid cloud solutions have been designed with this in mind, to help growing organisations begin their own digital transformations, all while retaining full control of their costs and their data.

Why hybrid cloud solutions matter to your organisation

As legacy infrastructures begin increasingly obsolete, organisations looking to efficiently and cost-effectively scale up and expand their businesses are being forced to consider alternatives. Now more than ever, customers and end users expect a globally consistent standard of speed and performance, along with the very highest standard of security, transparency and reversibility when it comes to their data. Hybrid cloud solutions are rapidly evolving to keep up with these increasing demands, but with an increasingly wide range of providers offering multiple solutions, the choice has become an intimidating one for many organisations.

But the right combination of hybrid cloud solutions, from the right cloud provider, offers organisations numerous opportunities to transform the way they work, streamlining processes, cutting costs, and enhancing security and performance. In light of this, exploring the different benefits cutting-edge hybrid cloud solutions can offer is more than just a luxury for forward-thinking organisations – it’s a necessity.

Since its formation, OVHcloud has worked closely with organisations in a wide range of industries, all over the world. We understand the challenges that come with a successful digital transformation, but also understand how to overcome them, intelligently implementing the right hybrid cloud solutions for each customer, to fulfil their short- and long-term goals as effectively as possible.