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Terms of service

General terms and conditions of services[PDF]
Special conditions BetaTest[PDF]
Privacy policy[PDF]
Terms and conditions regarding the use of Microsoft® Software[PDF]
OVH Premium SupportSpecific Conditions[PDF]
Identification of policies applicable by domain and registry[PDF]
Professional Services - General terms and Conditions[PDF]

Particular conditions


Specific Conditions VPS[PDF]
Dedicated servers
Special conditions on the rental of a dedicated server[PDF]


Specific Conditions - File Storage[PDF]
Hosted Private Cloud
Special Conditions for Dedicated Cloud[PDF]
Special Conditions for use of Windows® on Private Cloud[PDF]
Specific Conditions HPC Premier[PDF]
Special Conditions HPC powered by Anthos[PDF]
Public Cloud
Specific Conditions for Public Cloud Services[PDF]
Special Conditions for VPS[PDF]
Special Conditions for VPS' automated backup[PDF]
Special conditions for Load Balancer IP address[PDF]
Specific Conditions for Additional IP[PDF]
Specific Conditions OVHcloud Connect[PDF]
Specific Conditions - Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)[PDF]


Appendice CDN Web[PDF]


Specific Conditions OVHcloud Business Support[PDF]
Specific Conditions OVHcloud Enterprise Support[PDF]