VPS Limited Edition

VPS Limited Edition

Explore our new virtual private servers (VPS). Limited stock available.

With hosts based on AMD EPYC platforms, the VPS Limited Edition offers increased computing and network performance: a major asset for hosting complex websites, resource-intensive applications, and even game servers.

Limited quantities
US$5.50 US$5.06 ex. GST/month

2 vCore

2 GB


500 Mbps unmetered

Limited quantities
US$11 US$10.12 ex. GST/month

4 vCore

4 GB


1 Gbps unmetered

Limited quantities
US$45 US$41.40 ex. GST/month

16 vCore

16 GB


2 Gbps unmetered


Why choose a VPS?


A virtual private server has more resources than a shared hosting plan. You have full control of it through your administrator access, which allows you to deploy more power for your or your customers’ web projects. You can also boost productivity by using our API to automate some of your regular tasks.
What’s more, you can adapt your VPS’s resources to fit your business growth, so you can always offer the best possible level of service. It’s also possible to migrate your VPS Limited Edition solution to another in just one click.

  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic*

  • Resource customisation

  • Anti-DDoS protection included

Use cases


Host a complex website or application

Whether you are looking to build a web project or a customer project, a VPS is your best ally. You can ensure maximum accessibility by increasing your resources to keep up with the growth of your website or application.


Host a value-added solution

With sales software or managed services, our VPSs are the ideal solution to provide quality hosting to your customers. Excellent availability, combined with full access to your virtual machine, means you can maintain control over your services.


Hosting a pre-production environment

With a 99.9% SLA and automatic or manual backup options, our VPS solutions are an essential part of your cloud infrastructure. Low-cost, high-performance solutions are optimised for hosting a test, pre-production or database environment.


Hosting online games

Host game servers with your group or community on a stable, secure solution. Whether you’re playing Minecraft, Rust, ARK, Valheim or V Rising, enjoy a unique gaming experience with low latency, included anti-DDoS protection and excellent availability.

Strengthen your VPS

Load Balancer
US$22.99 ex. GST/month

Guaranteed flexibility

Competitive price/performance ratio

Our teams designed the VPS Limited Edition to offer you a maximum level of resources at a competitive price. In addition to higher computing power, they also use NVMe SSD storage.

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Isolated environment

Whether you want to host a website, database, application or game server, these VPSs are the perfect solution. You have allocated resources and root access to your virtual machine – a significant advantage for professionals when it comes to providing a high quality service to your clients. You can also increase your VPS resources at any time, or scale it up in just one click.

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Manage it your way

You have full access to your machine as an administrator. You can choose your operating system or management interface (Plesk or cPanel). With the OVHcloud API, you can also automate certain aspects of your management depending on your activity, so that you boost productivity and widen the gap between you and your competitors.

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High-performance network

We have doubled the public bandwidth capacity on our VPS Limited Edition, to improve the accessibility of your services. Traffic is always unlimited* so as not to hinder the success of your projects.

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Protecting your data

Safeguard your projects with our backup options. The Auto-backup option allows you to schedule automatic daily backups of your VPS. Use the Snapshot option to create an instant image of your virtual server. You can also activate additional storage space external to your VPS, to improve your data’s resilience.

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Our VPSs come with a 99.9% SLA, making them the ideal environment for your ambitious projects and for providing an excellent quality of service to your customers.

Get the support you need, when you need it

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24/7 support

Get round-the-clock assistance and support via our Help Centre. Find the most frequently asked questions, access to diagnostic tools, and more.

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Guides and documentation

Got questions about deploying and using your VPS? Read our guides and tutorials on how to get started, backup options, and more.

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OVHcloud Community

You can talk to people who have encountered the same issues as you, and they may be able to provide you with specific technical assistance.

OVHcloud API

Manage and update your services in a few command lines: you no longer need to go through your control panel to manage your virtual machine.

GitHub Community

Join our GitHub community! Ask questions, find information, publish content and interact with members who use GitHub on OVHcloud services.

Your questions answered

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual private server. It is created from the resources of a physical server using virtualisation technology. The host resources are divided into several virtual machines (VMs); the number depends on the power of that host.

What is the difference between your classic VPS offers and the VPS Limited Edition?

The main difference lies in the hardware of the hosts from which the VPS are virtualised. Our VPS Limited Edition solutions are virtualised on more powerful servers, with more resources and an improved network. Unlike our standard VPS solutions, they are limited in quantity. Once the stock is exhausted, they will no longer be available for purchase. Apart from that, the features and options available on our VPS and VPS Limited Edition are the same.

Can I upgrade from a VPS Limited Edition to a classic OVHcloud VPS?

No. For hardware management reasons, we only allow the switch to a higher solution within the same range. If you choose a VPS Limited Edition offer, you will not be able to migrate to the Value, Essential, Comfort or Elite offers, or vice versa.

Shared hosting or VPS?

Shared hosting is usually managed. You don’t need to manage anything yourself; your web hosting provider or cloud provider’s teams manage the monitoring and maintenance of your hosting plan. Since the VPS is not managed, you have administrative access to it. This will require you to have basic knowledge of server management. To help you manage your VPS, Plesk and cPanel management interfaces are available (particularly recommended for web project administration).

What locations are available for the VPS Limited Edition?

Our VPS Limited Edition solutions can be deployed in our datacentres in Europe, Canada and the US.

*For any VPSs hosted in Sydney and Singapore: 1 TB traffic/month for the Starter and Value ranges, 2 TB/month for the Essential range, 3 TB/month for the Comfort range, and 4 TB/month for the Elite range. Bandwidth is reduced to 10 Mbit/s once the monthly quota has been exceeded. Since our VPS Limited Edition cannot be deployed in these regions, they are not affected by these restrictions.