Datacentre Extension with Cloud Solutions


Transform Your Existing On-Premises Infrastructure

Hardware and software obsolescence is occurring at an increasing pace. To combine business agility and cost control for your on-premises investments, a transition to the cloud becomes inevitable. Depending on your business goals for starting your journey to a hybrid cloud, OVHcloud offers a range of mature and secure solutions, from multi-cloud connectivity to disaster recovery and temporary extension or permanent migration to our datacentres. As a leading datacentre solution provider, we offer the best of both worlds by securely connecting your on-premises datacentres to OVHcloud.

Our partners

Since 2003, Irontec has delivered the assurance that your infrastructures and applications are in good hands. In recent years, it has won the most awards as an OVHcloud partner, and was presented with the Best Service and Solutions Provider award at the Open Awards 2019.

Grupo Trevenque
Grupo Trevenque

Grupo Trevenque helps companies use technology to improve their processes and business models. With more than 25 years of experience, it brings software and cloud solutions to its customers.


In a constantly changing and increasingly connected world, Thales supports ambitious customers seeking to use digital technology to create a safer world. To ensure that we can benefit from new technologies with confidence, Thales supports and secures the transformation of IT systems and the most critical solutions, and protects the entire data lifecycle, from creation to usage.

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What are datacentre solutions?

Datacentre solutions are designed to make your transition to the cloud smooth and stress free, so you can maintain your focus on your short- and long-term business goals. This encompasses everything from secure, high-quality datacentre cable management solutions, to efficient, well-considered migration processes.

You might be looking for a more streamlined, cost-effective disaster recovery solution. You might be looking for increased scalability, to effortlessly add or delete new resources when needed. You might be ready to fully embrace a virtualised approach, and migrate your entire infrastructure to the cloud. The possibilities are huge, but with so many potential options, and so many datacentre solution providers, achieving a successful migration or interconnection can be a daunting prospect. 

This is why it’s so important to take a smart approach to entering the cloud. Whether you’re looking to connect your existing infrastructure to one of our 28 datacentres round the world to create a hybrid cloud, or virtualise your entire infrastructure, our hybrid cloud connectivity and wide range of datacentre extension and migration options will ensure it can be accomplished with no compromise in data security and minimal downtime. And furthermore, you will enjoy complete reversibility of your data, and the freedom to securely connect your solutions to any other datacentre solution providers.

Why are the datacentre solutions important to your organisation?

More and more organisations at all levels who have traditionally depended on self-maintained, on-premises infrastructure are finding that increasing hardware obsolescence, and the demand for greater flexibility and scalability are exploring the possibilities offered by the cloud, and datacentre virtualisation solutions.

The right datacentre solutions will take all the stress and confusion out of this process, and accelerate your journey to the cloud. Whatever your goals for your own hybrid cloud, connecting to OVHcloud's world-class datacentres will ensure you are ready to start using your new infrastructure as quickly as possible, making full use of your team’s existing expertise, and with minimal downtime throughout every step of the migration or connection process.

The right datacentre security solutions are also a key consideration. Many arguments against migration to the cloud centre around the perceived decrease in data security, but OVHcloud's datacentre solutions have been designed with the maximum level of security in mind, whether that’s for a permanent migration or a temporary connection. This way, you can always enjoy complete confidence that you and your customers’ data will be completely protected, supported by robust SLAs.

This way, your path to the cloud is opened up, without any compromise in security, service quality, or price/performance ratio.