Use cases

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Browse the OVHcloud use case hub to learn more about what you can accomplish with OVHcloud solutions, from hosting static websites and e-commerce sites to building big data applications.

What are OVHcloud use cases?

There are many situations where cloud computing solutions can be used to enhance the ability to achieve business goals. However, the spectrum of solutions and the variety of use cases that can be achieved in the cloud makes it challenging to assess which product best suits which workload. 

The use case hub aims to clarify how a specific OVHcloud solution such as Public Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers or a hybrid approach can be deployed for a different use case, from website hosting to big data and monitoring. Each example listed in the hub provides an introduction to the use case and explains the benefits of using one OVHcloud solution over another for that particular use case. For example, why use dedicated servers for Minecraft instead of virtual servers? Which use cases require a virtualized solution as opposed to bare metal? In addition, each use case also contains technical and commercial tips and advice to help you get the most our of whichever solution you choose and get ideas on how to set up your solution for the appropriate scenario.