SQL and NoSQL database hosting service

Add a new dimension to your web applications through powerful, affordable database services with guaranteed resources

including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Redis.

Built on a cloud infrastructure, our database instances are fully managed and secure — so you get excellent performance and total configuration flexibility. Group all your databases in one place, and adjust your resources to suit your growth. This service can be accessed via the public network, and is also compatible with your OVHcloud web hosting services.

US$7.69 ex. GST/month

Ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage
Guaranteed RAM
Backups included
Updates included

Services included with your Web Cloud Databases

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Managed database

You create your databases, we take care of the rest. With OVHcloud, you get guaranteed simplicity, flexibility and performance. Get a fully pre-installed infrastructure that is always available, monitored 24/7, and kept up-to-date with security patches.

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Unlimited databases

Create as many databases as you want, on your own allocated storage space.

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Available engines and lifecycle

Choose from the most popular solutions: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Redis. We apply minor upgrades automatically, and make major upgrades available. Follow our end-of-sale/end-of-life announcements, and the details of the DBMS versions.

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Automatic backup

Automatic backups of all your databases are taken daily. You can find them easily via the OVHcloud Control Panel, where they can be restored or downloaded.

512MB to 4GB of RAM guaranteed

Your server’s RAM is guaranteed for better performance. Data can be pre-loaded, which makes it more readily available than reading a hard drive.

Access management by IP address

Give access to your service via the public network by authorising the IP addresses of your choice. You can also enable access to all OVHcloud web hosting plans separately.

Incoming and outgoing traffic included

Ingress and egress traffic are included. You can use your databases without any extra costs, all at an affordable price.

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Configuration and logs

Configure your database server settings directly from the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Logs enable users to identify slow queries, so you can optimise your tables and requests.

All of our hosting solutions integrate seamlessly with our Web Cloud Databases service.

Personal Hosting
For creating your website or WordPress blog
US$4.39 ex. GST/month

1 free domain name*
100GB disk space
10 email addresses
1-click CMS
Unlimited FTP access

Web hosting​​​​​​Professional support
For business websites
US$7.69 ex. GST/month

1 free domain name*
250GB disk space
100 email addresses
1-click CMS
Unlimited SSH access

Performance Hosting
For multi-site projects and online stores
US$13.19 ex. GST/month

1 domain name*
500GB disk space
Up to 1000 email addresses
1-click CMS
Unlimited SSH access
High-performance resources
Web Cloud databases 512 MB RAM
CDN Basic

Pour vos CMS et sites Internet

Take your web projects to the next level

If you are looking to deploy a website, you will undoubtedly need a database. Databases optimise the overall functioning of content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress or PrestaShop (for e-commerce websites).

Simplify your work by centralising your databases on the same instance. Whether your web projects are operated by OVHcloud or another provider, our instances connected to the public network meet a wide range of use cases — from website databases to mobile applications, SaaS applications, and much more.

Find out how to get started by reading our guides.

Get total flexibility for configuration and scalability

You can create as many databases and projects as you like, and assign separate accesses to them.

With the advanced features included with your service, you can configure your environment to suit your needs. Depending on your database engine, you can modify different settings directly via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Need to scale up your databases for growing projects? Upgrade to a higher solution in just a few minutes. We offer up to 4GB RAM and up to 64GB storage space.

Optimisez vos tables et requêtes en récupérant les logs de SQL Privé | OVHcloud
Gérez et suivez simplement vos bases dans votre espace client

Optimise your tables and queries

For intensive processing, you can temporarily exceed the RAM/CPU resources allocated to you, so that your business is not affected.

Get phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin to simplify your database management (available only by enabling access to OVHcloud Web Hosting plans via the OVHcloud Control Panel).

A query that takes too long to close can block other queries, increasing your database’s overall response time. By checking your logs, you can identify your slowest queries and optimise them accordingly.

Your questions answered

What is a database?

A database is a set of structured information that facilitates the collection, management, reading and updating of data. A database management system (also called DBMS) is required to administer databases. You can use a DBMS to perform queries in order to search for, modify, add or delete data from your database.

What database management systems are available?

We support MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Redis.

MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL are known as relational or SQL databases. With this model, data is placed in tables with rows and columns. Any information in the database can be retrieved using the table, column, and primary key names.

Redis is known as a key-value or NoSQL database. This type is designed to deliver the highest possible performance.

We also follow market trends very closely, so we will support more DBMS solutions in the future.

What versions are available?

Most of the time, we offer several versions of each database management system.

Follow our end-of-sale/end-of-life announcements, and the details of the DBMS versions.

What are the differences between an SQL database and a NoSQL database?

SQL databases are relational, and store structured data. They work using SQL (Structured Query Language) queries.

NoSQL databases are non-relational, and store unstructured data. They work with queries specific to each DBMS.

Why choose a Web Cloud Databases solution?

With Web Cloud Databases, you can group as many databases as you want within the same service. This includes guaranteed RAM, and included services that deliver optimal performance to go even further.

In short, the Web Cloud Databases solution has been designed to simplify database management.

How do I get started?

We recommend referring to our guides, which will give you all the information you need to get started.