Logs Data Platform

Complete, secure and pay-as-you-go log management platform

Increase visibility into your applications' environments by collecting, processing, analyzing and storing your logs in a full-featured, managed platform. Log analysis are vital in keeping your infrastructure and applications up and running. We provide a cost-effective, turnkey solution designed for scale, so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

  Standard Logs account Enterprise Logs account
Description Turnkey, pay-as-you-go log management for log monitoring and log analysis Highly secure and customizable log management on an isolated, dedicated cluster
Set up fees Free US$221 ex. GST
Monthly subscription Free US$333 ex. GST/month *
Storage up to 100 GB US$1.10 ex. GST/GB/month US$1.10 ex. GST/GB/month
Storage above 100 GB US$0.43 ex. GST/GB/month US$0.43 ex. GST/GB/month
Role based access
OpenSearch aliases
Graylog and OpenSearch API calls
Real-time logs monitoring
Various retention 14 days / 1 month / 3 months / 1 year 14 days / 1 month / 3 months / 1 year
Isolated on a dedicated cluster -
IPs filtering / Network ACL -
Customizable retention** -
Delivery from 120sec 72h
  Start Start

*(pro-rated for the first month of usage)
**(if your request is validated by our teams)



Comprehensive pricing

Benefit from a complete, pay-as-you-go log-management solution.  For advanced usage, you can simply add options to your platform.

With predictable pricing and unlimited traffic, you'll never be surprised by your monthly bill.

Take advantage of thresholds and alerts to improve your consumption efficiency.


Powerful and scalable

We facilitate log analysis so you can focus on your core responsibilities. This complete platform enables the collecting, indexing, storing and analyzing of logs.

Store and process your logs on a highly available and scalable infrastructure.

Send a few logs per minute, or thousands of logs per second. Our Logs Data Platform combines the performance of OVHcloud infrastructure with the power of OpenSearch - providing sub-second search results.


Standard and reversible

Take advantage of our complete log analysis tool. Benefit from the full OpenSearch (OpenSearch Logstash OpenSearch Dashboards) ecosystem, while using your existing tools; including Graylog, Grafana, Flowgger collectors and Filebeat.

Leverage our hardware agnostic platform to send your log file from any cloud provider, or from on-premises clusters.


Secure and centralised storage of your logs

Storage of your logs is isolated by default. For the highest security requirements, a dedicated physical storage option is available.

Facilitate auditability by indexing and storing your logs with a retention policy of your choice.

Log transfers are secured with TLS encryption and the platform includes built-in DDoS protection.

We let you decide on a Datacentre of your choice (Europe or Canada).


Enterprise-grade log management

With Logs Data Platform, you can store your logs in complete isolation, within an entirely dedicated cluster. This ensures compliance with your corporate security policies.

Thanks to the dedicated cluster, you can access your firewall and configure the Network Access Control List. You can also set-up a custom retention policy.

Get complete isolation from storage, collection and visualization, by leveraging our advanced options. This helps your log management solution comply with even the most stringent security requirements.

HDS Certification OVHcloud

Logs Data Platform is compliant with ISO/CEI 27001, 27017, 27017, 27701, with hosting healthcare data in Europe and HDS* in France

These ISO/IEC certifications guarantee that an information security management system is in place to handle risk and vulnerabilities management, set up of business continuity plan, as well as a privacy information management system.

Logs Data Platform Enterprise is compliant with HDS*, which allows to host healthcare data securely, in accordance with France specific requirements. Customer must be subscribed to a Business or Enterprise support plan to benefit from HDS* option.

* Coming soon

Turnkey solution designed for scale

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Logs stream

Send and collect logs without constraints - leveraging the standard Graylog stream. The data streams are the recipients of your logs. When you send a log with the right stream token, it automatically arrives in your Graylog stream.

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Alerting is one of the most powerful features of the Logs Data Platform. It eliminates the need for you to worry about your logs and prepares you for any situation.

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Flexible retention

For each steam, you can choose a retention policy of 14 days, 1 month, 3 months or 1 year. Logs from your company's IT infrastructure, for example, will require a longer retention period than logs from a personal blog.

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Standard protocols

Logs Management Platform is compatible with standard market structure logs; like GELF, SYSLOG, Cap'n'Proto, LTSV, RFC5425 and Beats, etc.

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With the role management tool you can create users and manage their access to your streams and dashboards. Maintain the integrity of your logs with our secure storage and TLS encrypted log transfers.

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Create as many Grafana and Graylog dashboards as you require, with log analysis. This includes graphs displaying traffic on website, or the number of connections to a database.

Available options

Economical Cold storage

From US$0.01 ex. GST/GB/month

Archive your data for a long term

Dedicated OpenSearch Dashboards

From US$5.55 ex. GST/instance/month

You own dedicated dashboard

Logstash & Flowgger

From US$2.77 ex. GST/instance/month

Hosted dedicated data-gathering tool

Index as a service

From US$1.10 ex. GST/GB/month

Store documents with OpenSearch

Use cases

LDP-UseCase-Troubleshoot your application in real time
Troubleshoot your application in real time

Developers can analyse how their application is behaving, perform root cause analysis and troubleshooting procedures to help them improve their code, all in real time. They can also take advantage of Live Tail to stream their logs in real time, and to connect different applications or servers to one unique endpoint (making all of them appear in one stream if necessary). All in all, developers get much better visibility at an application level.

Monitor & SEO analysis

Logs Data Platform offers powerful log analysis tools to monitor your website. Indeed, the analysis of Apache and SQL logs is a proven and recognized method in this field. For example, you can use Apache logs to study the activity of your visitors, the delivery time of pages, the results of the code, and the agent used to access your site. SQL logs can, for example, allow you to identify queries that slow down your website. In addition, you can use the alerting function to receive a warning in the event your website goes down, is too slow, or is displaying an error 500.

Secure legal logs

If you have an e-commerce website, the European law on GDPR obliges you to keep logs relating to the traceability of customer data over a long period of time. Our cold storage options help you ensure compliance (check our tutorial here). If you need to access these logs quickly, then choose the "Immediate withdrawal Cold storage"; otherwise choose the "Economical Cold storage".


Why are logs important?

Log files are created every time an event occurs on your IT systems. The analysis of these files delivers useful information about their state of health. They can come from various sources (physical servers, virtual servers, mobile applications, websites, etc) and can be counted in their millions each day - making them difficult to analyze. From your logs, you can draw valuable information about the behavior of your customers, or systems, and act accordingly.

How do I analyse my logs?

Logs Data Platform is a turnkey solution that enables you to collect, store and analyse logs. It supports any type of logs file; from application logs, to server and security logs. There is the option to use your own choice of log collector (Syslog-ng, Fluentd, NXLog) or to use our dedicated collectors - Flowgger and Logstash - which work regardless of the source, format, or structure of your data. For log analysis, customers can leverage Graylog, Kibana or Grafana visualisation, to perform logs monitoring at application level, or server monitoring when dealing with infrastructure supervision. By enabling customers to take advantage of ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana) ecosystem, the Logs Data Platform works as a powerful log analyser solution. 

In the context of "long-term archiving," what is the difference between 'Quick cold storage,' and 'Economical cold storage'?

Based on Swift open source technology, "Quick cold storage" is designed to store and retrieve your data in real time. Whereas "Economical cold storage" is designed to secure your data at the lowest possible cost, so the architecture in place induces a delay ranging from 10 minutes to 12 hours before data recovery (depending on the date of last access).

How does the billing of a "logs account" work?

Logs Data Platform is an entirely pay-as-you-go model. You are not billed on the amount of data sent, but on the amount of data stored on the platform.

To use the Index as a service, do I have to take a shard?

Indeed, Elasticsearch shards (also called Shards) are essential for the storage of your documents. An Elasticsearch shard is 25 GB, and you can have up to 16 shards.

How many Roles, Streams & Dashboards am I eligible for?

You are entitled to as many Roles, Streams & Dashboards as you wish, at no extra cost (except Kibana).

Which protocols can I utilize to send my data?

You can push in TCP, TCP TLS or UDP.

How do alerts work?

We offer you the ability to set up Graylog alerts. These alerts can be based on present value status, a calculated numerical value, or on number of logs. Logs Data Platform will send you and your collaborators an email, so you can take action before it is too late. You can also easily integrate another alert system such as ElastAlert.