Managed Databases for M3DB

Deploy an open-source, distributed and high-performance time series database engine (TSDB) instantly to collect your metrics on a small or large scale. M3DB is compatible with Prometheus, and offers excellent data compression while ensuring maximum resilience. By using Managed Databases for M3DB, you can focus on your applications. The service is fully managed in terms of configuration, monitoring, backup, redundancy and updates.

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Compatibility guaranteed for the most widely-used TSDB protocols

To write your metrics in M3DB, you can choose from the most popular protocols such as Graphite Carbon, Prometheus or InfluxDB.

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Storage solution for Prometheus and Grafana

Get total visibility of your metrics with Grafana dashboards, and harness the benefits of Prometheus features that offer full PromQL compatibility.

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A large-scale, reliable time series database

By design, M3DB can ingest high volumes of data without using too much storage. It can achieve this via an efficient compression algorithm (M3TSZ float64), while ensuring reliability for replication using implemented consistency check mechanisms.

Compare our Managed Databases for M3DB solutions

  Essential Business Enterprise
Number of nodes 1 node included 3 nodes included 6 nodes included
RAM per node 7GB to 60GB 7GB to 120GB 15GB to 120GB
Total useful storage 160 GB to 1.28 TB 160 GB to 7.68 TB from 1.92 TB to 15.36 TB*

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

No 99.90% 99.95%
Switching between different solutions Yes Yes Yes
Updates to new major versions in 1 click Yes Yes Yes
Data encryption at rest and in transit (SSL) Yes Yes Yes
Backup retention period 1 day 6 days 13 days
Performance graph Yes Yes Yes
Terraform Provider support (more information) Yes Yes Yes
High availability No Yes Yes
Private network connectivity (vRack) Yes Yes Yes


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Managed Databases for M3DB use cases

IoT metrics collection

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is expanding rapidly, and the number of metrics being collected to manage these systems is skyrocketing. Elements such as the ability to handle large workloads or the cost generated by storage should not hinder the growth of the sensors required to operate these systems. M3DB ensures real-time storage for this data, while guaranteeing logs that fit the granularity you want.

Location data tracking

Live geolocation data is required in many applications, such as for exchanges between individuals on social networks, or tracking a fleet of vehicles. Ingesting this data requires high reliability and resilience. M3DB is a scalable solution that will give you peace of mind as your project grows in the future.

Migration from InfluxDB

InfluxDB is one of the most common solutions for time series databases, but the clustered scalability model and its price can present a mid- or long-term setback. M3DB competes directly with the best solutions on the market, with an efficient scale-out model and full compatibility.

Documentation and guides

Get started

Do you need support getting started with your service? Check out our tutorials and documentation.

Order your Managed Databases pack via API

Find out how to order a Managed Databases for M3DB service via the API.

Your questions answered

Read our frequently asked questions

Automated deployment

Our databases are integrated into the OVHcloud Terraform Provider.


Standardisation and optimisation

Optimised storage

With the M3TSZ float64 algorithm inspired by Gorilla TSZ compression, the storage optimisation ratio can reach a value of x11.

TLS encryption

Transactions to M3DB are transferred via HTTPS protocol, which ensures transaction security on the transport of data, and the identification of the service.

Terraform support

Save time by automating your deployments. With support for Terraform tools and APIs, you can provision your databases automatically, with the option to maintain multiple environments for your application.

Avoid vendor lock-in with PromQL

Established as the standard in the field of monitoring, PromQL enables metrics to be addressed with both standard and custom tools — avoiding vendor lock-in as a result.

Highly flexible use

Metrics accuracy can be configured from second to nanosecond for each write.


Compatible with M3 Aggregator

You can export data aggregation from multiple sources to a different process and cluster, to free up resources from your primary M3DB database.

High availability

Business and Enterprise packs guarantee resilience for your data, with triple synchronous data replication and consistency checks that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Designed for heavy workloads

M3DB was designed to fill a gap in the market. For the most part, time series databases are limited, and cannot accommodate really large workloads. With M3DB, some deployments host one billion datapoints per second in write mode, while providing more than two billion datapoints in read mode.

Designed for load balancing

The M3DB design has been redesigned to scale horizontally, so users can add nodes as required. This way, the workload is automatically distributed across the cluster nodes, and you do not need to add more systems.

Private network connectivity (vRack)

With our Business and Enterprise solutions, you can restrict access to your database service thanks to our private network. You also get up to 2Gbit/s bandwidth.

Pricing Public Cloud

Managed Databases for M3DB pricing

You receive a bill at the end of each month, which is calculated based on your database usage per hour. The price depends on the pack you have chosen: Essential, Business or Enterprise.

Your questions answered

What is M3DB?

M3DB is an open-source, highly available and scalable time series database, designed to handle high workloads.

Why use M3DB?

Metrics from a monitoring system or IoT device, for example, must be collected and stored. M3DB does this while ensuring resilience and data compression.

What is the difference between InfluxDB and M3DB?

InfluxDB is a very popular time series solution. Unlike M3DB, it was not originally designed for very large workloads, and its design limits its use for large-scale architectures.

What is Managed Databases for M3DB?

Managed Databases for M3DB is a managed service on our Public Cloud. Its purpose is to save you time, since we take care of your database’s management and administration.

Can I install M3DB on Public Cloud instances myself?

Once you have downloaded M3DB, you can indeed do this. However, you will need to manage and administer the database, and you will not benefit from the capabilities we provide in our turn-key service.

What is the difference between the Essential, Business and Enterprise service options?

Each plan includes different features for different uses. Among other factors, they do not all have the same benefits or the same level of availability.

Can I migrate to nodes with a higher capacity?

You can do this if you need more RAM. However, you cannot revert to a lower-capacity node.

Can this solution be integrated into a Public Cloud project?

Yes, our service can be used as a resource, or as part of a Public Cloud infrastructure. You can manage it from the OVHcloud Control Panel or the OVHcloud API. We also offer managed services for managing relational databases (SQL), such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and non-relational databases (NoSQL), such as Redis and MongoDB.

Is M3DB open-source?

The use of M3 components is governed by the open-source Apache License version 2.0. This licence authorises the modification and distribution of the code in free or proprietary form, free or commercial, and requires preservation of the copyright notice upon any modification, with a copy of the licence to be provided with the source code.