The power of premium servers, the flexibility of the Public Cloud

OVHcloud works on a large scale with the best hardware, to offer infrastructures with the most competitive price/performance ratio. Each resource is adjusted and configured to provide maximum power to your Public Cloud instances. Our Public Cloud Solutions catalogue includes different ranges and options that cover all your cloud needs. All our resources are available on demand, to offer you total flexibility.

Our cloud computing instances

Guaranteed resources

Deploy cloud instances with fully-guaranteed resources for a very wide range of uses


Get our most powerful public cloud instances, up to 1,000 times faster than a CPU for parallel processing


Get ultra-fast IOPS, with NVMe drives specially designed for databases and big data applications


Start your Public Cloud journey with instances that have shared resources, delivering stable performance at a very affordable price.

Metal Instances

Combine all the advantages of Dedicated Servers with the flexibility of the cloud and API automation.

General features

System and storage

Additional disks

You can add one or more disks to increase the storage space available on your servers. Our cloud storage solutions can be resized at any time. See Block Storage

Local SSD disks

The disks that power Public Cloud instances are based on SSD technology, which offers exceptional read and write performance.

Select your operating system

Choose from 15 Linux, Windows or FreeBSD distributions. You can also import your own images to add to the catalogue. See Public Image Catalog

Back up your instances

Your instance disks can be backed up and exported to a different cluster, for you to reuse later. Your sensitive data is protected. See Instance Backup

Rebuild an instance

To start from scratch on an instance while keeping its original configuration, you can use rebuild mode to reset the operating system instead of the instance.

Automate your backups

To secure your instances, you can schedule automatic backups every night, for example.

Billing and flexibility

Flexible servers

Our servers are delivered in a few seconds and billed hourly. You can also modify their power depending on your resource usage.

Monthly billing at 50% off

Get better value for money if you choose to be billed monthly for your servers (50% off the hourly rate).

Cost optimisation

If you don't need an instance for a while, you can use the ‘shelve’ function, which hibernates the instance and reduces costs.

Configuration and network


The network is protected by OVHcloud’s powerful anti-DDoS system. All of your instances benefit from this protection at no extra cost.

Interface customisation

Your instances can run startup scripts when the cloud-init option is enabled in the operating system. This means you can customise the deployment of any cloud server.

Configuration disk

Boot an instance by transferring files or variables that will be injected into the operating system. This feature is very useful for automating your deployments.

Access to the KVM console

The server's virtual console is accessible directly from your browser, for all actions that cannot be performed over the network.

Flexible network connection

You can create networks and network ports on demand, as well as hot-add instances. You can also make multiple connections on the same instance. See Private network

Instance protection

With the lock function, you can block any action on the instance. Only the instance owner can use it, which means you can work in a team with complete peace of mind.


Choose your instance type

openstack flavor list

Select your operating system

openstack image list

Create your instance

openstack server create --flavor c2-60 --image debian server01

Ready to get started?

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Public Cloud by OVHcloud

A simple, easy-to-use cloud that helps you focus on your projects

Our Public Cloud is open and easy to use, allowing you to focus on developing and deploying your software solutions.

Based on OpenStack, it is built on open standards — so you can easily manage and deploy instances, and automate actions via standard APIs. Developers can rely on Public Cloud instances hosted in our datacentres, which means they spend less time managing the software stack, and can focus on their core business. This way, you can deploy high-availability cloud instances for a wide range of uses.

An open, reversible and transparent cloud

Migrating to the cloud should not result in dependence on any specific type of infrastructure or data retention. Our Public Cloud is based on OpenStack, as well as a set of standard and open APIs and services to make it easier for you to orchestrate. This ensures global interoperability of your infrastructures, both with other OVHcloud solutions and with your existing cloud services and infrastructures. Your data also remains accessible, transferable and exploitable at any time, without retention or technical barriers. This is why our cloud solution is standard, open, accessible, transparent and multi-local.

A secure cloud that protects your most sensitive data, including healthcare data*

Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. These certifications ensure the presence of an information security management system (ISMS) for managing risks, vulnerabilities and implementing business continuity, as well as a privacy information management system (PIMS). Thanks to our compliance, you can host healthcare data securely.

OVHcloud is not subject to non-European laws such as the US CLOUD Act, and it complies with the GDPR for its data hosted in the European Union.

* Coming soon