Kafka MirrorMaker

Kafka MirrorMaker

With Kafka MirrorMaker, you can copy data between two Kafka clusters. This service lets you focus on developing your applications without having to worry about managing their configuration, monitoring, backup, redundancy or updates.

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Innovate faster

Your ready-to-use Kafka MirrorMaker can be directly deployed in just a few clicks, so you can quickly set up a Kafka cluster replica.

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Control your budget

Our transparent and predictable pricing model includes all network traffic. You only pay for the use of Kafka MirrorMaker, which is billed by the hour.

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Maintain control of your data

Kafka MirrorMaker runs on our trusted cloud, which complies with strict certifications. Our goal is to give you complete control of your data.

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ISO/IEC 27001, 27701 and health data hosting compliance

Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. These certifications ensure the presence of an information security management system (ISMS) for managing risks, vulnerabilities and implementing business continuity, as well as a privacy information management system (PIMS). Thanks to our health data hosting compliance, you can also host healthcare data securely.

Compare our Managed Databases for Kafka MirrorMaker solutions

  Essential Business Enterprise
Number of nodes 1 node included 3 nodes included 6 nodes included
RAM per node 7GB to 60GB 7GB to 60GB 7GB to 30GB
Service Level Agreement (SLA) No 99.9% 99.95%
Switching between different solutions Yes Yes Yes
Updates to new major versions in 1 click Yes Yes Yes
Data encryption at rest and in transit (SSL) Yes Yes Yes
Performance graph Yes Yes Yes
Terraform Provider support (more information) Yes Yes Yes
High availability No Yes Yes
Private network connectivity (vRack) Yes Yes Yes


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Managed Databases for Kafka MirrorMaker use cases

Data replication

Kafka MirrorMaker lets you replicate data from a source cluster to a target cluster, giving you greater resilience for your Kafka cluster data.

Multicloud Kafka clusters

With Kafka MirrorMaker, you can mirror the data in a Kafka cluster.  This replication is even possible between Kafka clusters, whether on-premises or hosted by different cloud providers.

Documentation and guides

Get started

Do you need support getting started with your service? Check out our tutorials and documentation.

Order your Managed Database service via API

Find out how to order a Managed Databases For Kafka service via the API

Your questions answered

Read our frequently asked questions

Automated deployment

Our databases are integrated into the OVHcloud Terraform Provider.


Scalability and high availability

High availability

The Managed Databases for Kafka MirrorMaker solutions offer a 3-node cluster as a minimum.

TLS encryption

To ensure data confidentiality, Apache Kafka uses the Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) protocol to encrypt data at rest or in transit.

Private network connectivity (vRack)

With our Business and Enterprise solutions, you can restrict access to your database service thanks to our private network. You also get up to 2Gbit/s bandwidth.



Does your business need high availability for your critical deployments? With the Enterprise range, you get 6-node clusters and a guaranteed 99.95% SLA.


Use your dashboard to manage your users, backups, and monitor statistics for your requests, logs, and metrics. To access it, simply log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel.

Real-time log visualisation

Analyse or perform diagnostics on your database to optimise the running of your application. You can view up to the last 100 lines of real-time logs.

Terraform support

Save time by automating your deployments. With support for Terraform tools and APIs, you can provision your databases automatically, with the option to maintain multiple environments for your application.

Pricing Public Cloud

Managed Databases for Kafka MirrorMaker pricing

You receive a bill at the end of each month, which is calculated based on your database usage per hour. The price depends on the plan you have chosen: Essential, Business or Enterprise.


What is Kafka MirrorMaker?

Kafka MirrorMaker provides high availability for a Kafka cluster by replicating data to another Kafka target cluster.

Why use Kafka MirrorMaker?

This solution is ideal for meeting the high resilience requirements of the data processed by a Kafka cluster, since Kafka MirrorMaker performs the mirroring in the source Kafka cluster.

What’s the difference between Apache Kafka and Kafka MirrorMaker?

Apache Kafka is used to create data processing pipelines and real-time streaming data applications. With Kafka MirrorMaker, you can replicate data from a source Kafka cluster to a target Kafka cluster.

What is Managed Databases for Kafka MirrorMaker?

Managed Databases for Kafka MirrorMaker is a service linked to Managed Databases Apache Kafka. It is one of the managed services available on our Public Cloud. Our goal is to save you time by entrusting us with the management and maintenance of your database.

Can I install Kafka MirrorMaker on Public Cloud instances myself?

Once you have downloaded and accepted Kafka’s licence agreement, it is indeed possible. However, you will also need to manage and administer the database, and you will not benefit from the capabilities we provide in our turnkey service.

What is the difference between the Essential, Business and Enterprise service options?

Each plan includes different features for different uses. Among other factors, they do not all have the same benefits or the same level of availability.

Can I migrate to nodes with a higher capacity?

You can do this if you need more RAM. However, you cannot revert to a lower-capacity node.

Can this solution be integrated into a Public Cloud project?

Yes, our service can be used as a resource, or as part of a Public Cloud infrastructure. You can manage it from your Control Panel, the OVHcloud API or the OpenStack API. We also offer managed services for managing relational databases (SQL), such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, or non-relational databases (NoSQL), such as Redis or MongoDB.

Is MirrorMaker open-source?

The use of Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect and Mirrormaker components is governed by the open-source Apache Licence version 2.0. This licence authorises the modification and distribution of the code in free or proprietary form, free or commercial, and requires preservation of the copyright notice upon any modification, with a copy of the licence to be provided with the source code.

How does Kafka mirroring work?

MirrorMaker enables data to be replicated between your Kafka clusters, to guarantee high availability for your data. The most common case for using mirroring with Kafka Mirrormaker is disaster recovery, by replicating all messages from your Kafka database in a different region to where your primary Kafka cluster is hosted. Another common use case for mirroring with Kafka Mirrormaker is the adoption of cloud computing: Some customers who use on-premise Apache Kafka can perfectly replicate their data with a cloud provider through Mirrormaker, and prepare for its migration to the cloud. For companies with a global footprint, the data replication possible through Mirrormaker makes it easier to provide data for processing: the virtual machines or instances that will be dedicated to the processing of this data can remain close to users or be distributed geographically. As a result, Kafka Mirrormaker reduces latency and helps deliver optimal performance.