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Public Cloud

Accelerate your business, automate your infrastructure

The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers you a large number of cloud solutions that are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our infrastructure is set up in a simple way to support you with your business — harness the flexibility of on-demand resources to scale up from small projects to large-scale deployments.

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Deploy cloud instances with fully-guaranteed resources for a very wide range of uses

Get our most powerful public cloud instances, up to 1,000 times faster than a CPU for parallel processing

Get ultra-fast IOPS, with NVMe drives specially designed for databases and big data applications

Start your Public Cloud journey with instances that have shared resources, delivering stable performance at a very affordable price.

Combine all the advantages of Dedicated Servers with the flexibility of the cloud and API automation.


Create storage volumes, which can be used as additional disks and secured via triple data replication

Enjoy unlimited on-demand storage, accessible via the S3 API

Archive your data over the long term in a cloud storage space, accessible via standard protocols.

Get long-term data archiving at the best price, in a secure, resilient infrastructure based on magnetic tape technology.

Trigger a snapshot on your Block Storage volumes

Back up your Block Storage volumes. The backed-up data is stored on our Object Storage service.

Get a backup service for your instances


Deploy private networks, supported by the OVHcloud vRack, to connect your instances across the globe

Deploy with cloud automation tools and manage variable traffic in activity by distributing traffic across multiple resources.​

Expose your services in a flexible and agnostic way, by assigning and moving your public IP from one instance or service to another.​

Securely access Internet from secure and fully private instances, while getting the best flexibility to expose services combining with Floating IP and Load Balancer.​


Enjoy permanent protection across all your cloud resources, to ensure an optimal level of service


Deploy MySQL, the most popular open-source relational database, as a managed service in just a few clicks.

With the PostgreSQL database service, you can create your business applications and migrate your old workloads to the cloud with total confidence.

Run MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, as a service, on our trusted cloud.

Increase application performance by adding a cache layer to your architecture with the Redis™ in-memory database.

Use Kafka, the world’s leading queueing platform, to develop and deploy an event-driven architecture for your applications.

Deploy and run OpenSearch, the NoSQL engine for indexing, content search, and analytics

Replicate data between your Kafka clusters to guarantee high data availability.

Deploy Kafka Connect, an extension that simplifies the ingestion of a wide range of systems and data sources to Apache Kafka®

Kafka Connect requires an additional Apache Kafka service to work.

Deploy Grafana and create dashboards and charts from several sources, including databases

Deploy and run Cassandra, the NoSQL engine for processing high volumes of data.

Deploy M3DB, the distributed and open-source metrics platform

Deploy M3 Aggregator, a metrics aggregation service that provides stream-based sub-sampling. Data can be aggregated according to pre-defined criteria.

Containers and Orchestration

Orchestrate your containerised applications with a CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster

Manage a repository for your software building blocks, in the form of Docker images or Helm charts

Maintain and store personalised images of your virtual servers within your private catalog

Get dozens of cloud images, provided and managed by OVHcloud, ranging from simple system images to pre-installed applications

Automate your tasks to operate cloud resources based on your business logic, and adapt them to suit any situation

OpenStack Orchestration

Model and deploy your infrastructure in code form to accelerate your deployments and other pre-established scenarios

Manage variations in activity by distributing traffic across multiple resources

Data Analytics

Launch your Apache Spark processing tasks quickly and easily

AI & Machine learning

Get a quick, simple start launching your Jupyter or VS Code notebooks in the cloud

Train your AI, machine learning and deep learning models efficiently and easily, and optimise your GPU usage.

Easily deploy machine learning models and applications to production, create your API access points effortlessly, and make effective predictions.

Launch applications that leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs, in a few clicks

Project Management

Manage your access and users to manage your cloud resources

Quota and Region Management

Manage your quotas and regions accessible from your project

Billing Control

Estimate your consumption and create alerts to secure your budget

Management Interfaces


Use the original OpenStack web interface to effortlessly manage your cloud resources

Physical remote control

Use KVM consoles to connect directly to your cloud servers

OpenStack CLI

Manage your command-line infrastructure with the official OpenStack client

OpenStack API

Utilise the standard OpenStack API, which is fully compatible with a wide range of tools on the market

Launch your first cloud resources in minutes

A cloud service adapted to your needs

API, CLI, orchestrator or web interface — whatever your needs, our Public Cloud offers you different management interfaces.

Manage your services with simple orchestration tools


Control your cloud resources via our web console



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The advantages of Public Cloud

Why Public Cloud?

The OVHcloud Public Cloud has a highly-competitive price-performance ratio. In addition, we ensure to provide predictable billing and full reversibility.

Ready to get started?

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Main Features



Get commitment-free cloud resources, with no unexpected surprises in your billing. No more pre-provisioning servers or storage, and no more dormant infrastructures: simply create and delete each item as you need. We only bill you for your actual usage.

Simple and transparent billing

Your resources and services are grouped into projects. This means you can segment your uses according to your business needs. At the end of the month, a bill per project is generated, allowing for simple and clear administration. You can also generate a usage forecast and create alerts.

Standardised APIs

All Public Cloud services are accessible via standard cloud computing APIs - OpenStack for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Kubernetes for container orchestration, and so on - so you can program your cloud resources through the tools that suit you.

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ISO/IEC 27001, 27701 and health data hosting compliance

Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. These certifications ensure the presence of an information security management system (ISMS) for managing risks, vulnerabilities and implementing business continuity, as well as a privacy information management system (PIMS). Thanks to our health data hosting compliance, you can also host healthcare data securely.

Pricing Public Cloud


Public Cloud is a very affordable, high-performance platform. The range of services and the flexibility of resource sizing allow you to manage your usage in the best way possible, depending on your needs. We pay particular attention to cost predictability. We don’t charge for services beyond your control (instance traffic from outside the Asia-Pacific region, storage processes, API calls, etc.).

Support and documentation

Guides and documentation
Guides and documentation

Online support to give you step-by-step advice on using your solutions.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

Find answers to all of the most frequently-asked questions from customers.

Professional services
Professional Services

Experts to support you with your projects.

Why choose Public Cloud instances?

Public Cloud instances (virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. In under a minute, you get CPU, RAM and storage with no resource over-allocation, as well as root access. The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers hourly billing, and a number of features such as the ability to add resources without having to reinstall. With the OpenStack API, you can automate your infrastructure.

Which cloud solution should you choose?

There are different types of cloud models available, depending on your needs. These include: IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), which gives you access to a range of services including servers, storage and networking, PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), which provides the user with hardware and software, leaving users free to focus on installing and running applications, and finally SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), where you simply use software over the internet and have no management tasks.

High availability, simplicity, flexibility and reversibility

Our Public Cloud is hosted in our datacentres, on servers assembled by our technicians, for performance and total control from manufacturing to provisioning. Public Cloud is very intuitive to use, and it’s flexible, so you can adapt it for your specific project. But that's not all, because we use standard APIs — so your data is reversible. Our products are also interoperable, so you can set up a hybrid cloud.

How does the Public Cloud work?

The public cloud is an option for deploying your cloud computing services. The resources, like computing power and storage — as well as the hardware infrastructure that provides the service — are shared. Unlike private cloud solutions, where hardware resources are dedicated to each customer, they are shared between customers of the cloud service provider in the public cloud.

Like other types of cloud solution, the web hosting company maintains the physical servers and network, and manages the virtualisation layer. This means the service provider can manage resource allocation, and ensure that its customers’ services are isolated.

Automation is one of the cornerstones of the public cloud. Via the OVHcloud Control Panel or the API, you can deploy instances (virtual machines) in a datacentre of your choice, with guaranteed resources in terms of storage capacity and computing power.