Explore OVHcloud storage and backup solutions

Explore OVHcloud storage and backup solutions

The data you store and its various uses may have specific constraints, and therefore require an appropriate solution. OVHcloud offers cloud storage solutions to suit your needs — from object, block or file storage to long-term archiving space and backup solutions for all your services. This way, you can store, organise, present and preserve your data in a way that best suits your needs.


Object storage

With object storage, you can store data in buckets as objects (rather than as files or blocks). This type of storage is perfect for large volumes of unstructured data such as images, videos and audio files, for example.

File storage

File storage is a method of storing data to host and organise files in a hierarchical structure of directories and subdirectories. This type of storage is ideal for structured data such as files, web content, and collaborative work.

Block storage

With block storage, you can divide files into data blocks and store them on independent disks attached to your instances. You can also add or remove disks as required. This type of storage is perfect for virtual machines and transactional databases.

Archive storage

Archiving is specifically designed for very long-term data retention requirements (e.g. medical records, legal documents or government archives). This type of storage is designed for data that does not need to be accessed regularly and quickly.


Backing up your data is an essential part of ensuring that your business remains up-and-running. You can use it to secure your data by creating a copy of it, and setting up a disaster recovery plan. We offer solutions adapted to meet every need, so that your business remains online.