Robust servers for hosting e-commerce websites and applications

A comprehensive range of web hosting servers. Dedicated servers are a perfect solution for hosting your projects, when shared hosting plans no longer deliver enough power. You get total flexibility in terms of how you manage your server, so you can adapt it to suit your needs.

The Hosting range offers balanced configurations for web hosting. It meets needs for high availability, high volumes of traffic, and strict requirements in terms of security and data backups. You get a 500GB backup space, so that you can always remain prepared for the unexpected.

Serveurs dédiés Hosting

The advantages of a Hosting server

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Server compatibility

All of the servers in the Hosting range are based on Intel Xeon D processors, guaranteeing compatibility for your applications with all our servers. Intel Xeon D processors also offer an affordable range with high-performance features.

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vRack private network included

All of the servers in the Hosting range come with OVHcloud’s 100Mbps vRack private network. With the vRack, you can connect a number of compatible OVHcloud products within an encrypted, secure network.

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A wide range of operating systems

A number of pre-installed operating systems are available with your OVHcloud Hosting server. Both Linux distributions and Windows operating systems are included in this range, as well as web hosting control panels (Plesk, cPanel, etc.), SQL Server, and virtualisation tools such as VMware and Proxmox.

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Choose the right server from a wide range of models and options.


IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server has a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address range. As an option, you can rent additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).

Anti-DDoS protection

To guarantee maximum security for your infrastructures, an anti-DDoS system is included with all OVHcloud dedicated servers.

Backup storage space

Each dedicated server has a free 500GB storage space, independent from the server, to store your data.

Service Level Agreement - 99.95%

All OVHcloud servers have a 99.95% SLA, ensuring the best availability for your business applications.


E-commerce website

Hosting e-commerce websites with several thousands of products. Offer your users an online store with fast-loading pages, and no service interruptions.


No limits in terms of how you host and develop your applications. You manage all of the technical aspects of your server, and can benefit from a number of options, such as traffic spike absorption via a Public Cloud instance.


Deploy networks of websites within one or more physical servers. Manage your websites as you see fit, with an infrastructure that suits your needs.

Support and documentation

We offer a range of documentation and online support to assist you in setting up and configuring your dedicated server.

Guides and documentation
Guides and documentation

Your questions answered

When can I order the options offered?

The options are available at the server configuration step. You can also order and enable options directly via the OVHcloud Control Panel, after your service has been delivered.

What is a web server?

A web server is a machine designed to host applications and websites (e-commerce, blogs, etc.). This server hosts the website files as well as its database (in the case of a dynamic website). Several services are required for a web server to work properly: Apache to serve HTTP queries, MySQL to manage databases, and SFTP to manage the sending of website files to the server. An SMTP server can also be set up for sending and receiving emails.

Choosing between a dedicated server and shared hosting

It is important to identify your needs before making a choice. If you are looking to host a website with just a few pages and low volumes of traffic, then a shared hosting plan would be the best solution for you. This type of hosting comes with a lower price tag, as several customers share the resources of a single server. However, this will affect the resources. Since they are shared between several users, they are not guaranteed. Administration is reduced to the essentials, so that it is accessible to those with only basic technical knowledge.

For larger-scale projects that are likely to grow, we recommend opting for a dedicated server. You are fully responsible for your server’s technical configuration, and get access to guaranteed resources. With computing power, high-speed data processing, high-volume storage space, and the option of adding your server to an infrastructure of your choice, your websites and applications will be able to grow over time.