Enterprise File Storage

Enterprise File Storage

Enterprise File Storage is a NetApp®ONTAP® Select software-defined storage solution managed by OVHcloud. Connect your OVHcloud services and critical business applications to a high-performance file storage service.

OVHcloud and NetApp are partnering to provide a best-in-class solution - combining OVHcloud hardware expertise with NetApp Cloud Storage Management software. Enterprise File Storage is the right solution for file shares and storage for enterprise IT applications as well as lift-and-shift scenarios.

Enterprise File Storage

From US$150.49 ex. GST/TB/month

• Based on NetApp® ONTAP® Select

• Choose from 1 TB to 58 TB per pool

• Snapshots included

• NFSv3 protocol

• SLA 99.99%

A high-performance, high-availability file storage service

OVHcloud x NetApp

Enterprise File Storage relies on the market-leading NetApp ONTAP file storage service to deliver optimal performance, availability and reliability.

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High performance

This service harnesses the power of NVMe SSDs, guaranteeing 4,000 IOPS per TB and 64MB/s bandwidth per TB. The higher the volumes, the higher the performance.

Security and certifications

Enterprise File Storage is compliant with several industry-leading standards: ISO 27001, GDPR and healthcare data policies in several countries. With 99.99% availability, you can migrate and run your applications with peace of mind.

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Predictable costs

Our pricing model is designed to be completely predictable, with no hidden costs — and both ingress and egress traffic are included.

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High availability

With ONTAP technology and an active-active architecture, the solution is adapted to suit even the most critical operations. Data is replicated to two servers in two separate racks within the same datacentre, to ensure availability.

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Custom snapshot rules

With the service, you can create and manage your snapshots in just a few clicks, and choose an automatic and custom deployment method via the OVHcloud Control Panel. This way, you get a perfect first-level backup for your data.

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A unique partnership with NetApp®

NetApp is a global cloud-led, data-centric software company that empowers organizations to lead with data in the age of accelerated digital transformation. The company provides systems, software and cloud services that enable them to run their applications optimally from data center to cloud, whether they are developing in the cloud, moving to the cloud, or creating their own cloudlike experiences on premises. With solutions that perform across diverse environments, NetApp helps organizations build their own data fabric and securely deliver the right data, services and applications to the right people—anytime, anywhere.


A highly available service

Enterprise File Storage is composed of two nodes configured as a HA Pair. This guarantees service redundancy, and prevents operations from being interrupted. In the event of a node failure or during a maintenance operation, the second node can take over and continue to provide the data.

All data is duplicated and stored in clusters on two separate nodes. OVHcloud also performs daily backups of these services on a remote server.

Bare-metal servers for high performance workloads

How much performance is offered with Enterprise File Storage?

Enterprise File Storage guarantees 4,000 IOPS per TB, and 64MB/s bandwidth per TB, since it is powered by NVMe SSD technologies. We guarantee this performance when you increase your file system volumes — so the more data you store, the higher the performance. For example, 20TB of data provides you with 80,000 IOPS and 1,280MB/s bandwidth.

As a result, this service is adapted to suit all types of enterprise workloads: CRM, ERP, databases and any virtualised infrastructures with potentially critical data.


What is Enterprise File Storage?

Enterprise File Storage is a highly available storage volume where you can store your files. This product is based on NetApp® Cloud Volumes technology, with ONTAP® Select virtual appliances.

What can I do with my Enterprise File Storage?

You can interconnect multiple OVHcloud services to your NetApp® Cloud Volume to access all your critical data. You can also store your virtual machines' data from your hypervisor hosted on top of your OVHcloud dedicated server(s).

What is the backup policy for Enterprise File Storage?

Customers are responsible for managing their own backup solution and policy. However, for resiliency and security, OVHcloud performs a daily backup of your service to a remote server. In case of failure or attack, OVHcloud can restore data from the previous day. If necessary, you can request a restoration as a paid service option.

Where is Enterprise File Storage available?

Enterprise File Storage is available in Roubaix, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, and Beauharnois.

Where can I find documentation to get started?

Everything you need to know about our Enterprise File Storage and step by step guides are available in the documentation