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20 years of network expertise

OVHcloud manages and maintains its own global network. Over the years, we have developed deep expertise and offered innovative products, such as the vRack, which lets you interconnect your solutions across different regions within a secure private network. Our powerful anti-DDoS technology is also included in all our solutions. 

Our cloud network solutions

Private Network

Deploy private networks, supported by the OVHcloud vRack, to connect your instances across the globe

Load Balancer

Deploy with cloud automation tools and manage variable traffic in activity by distributing traffic across multiple resources.​

Floating IP

Expose your services in a flexible and agnostic way, by assigning and moving your public IP from one instance or service to another.​


Securely access Internet from secure and fully private instances, while getting the best flexibility to expose services combining with Floating IP and Load Balancer.​


Enjoy permanent protection across all your cloud resources, to ensure an optimal level of service


Extended private network

The OVHcloud private network (vRack) can be used to create an internal network between services on the same OVH account. For example, you could connect Public Cloud instances with the Private Cloud and dedicated servers to build your own secure infrastructure.


All OVHcloud instances include our industry-leading anti-DDoS protection at no additional cost. This ensures you are always covered in the event of an attack.


There are no additional charges for outgoing or incoming traffic (except for our Australia, India and Singapore datacentres). We do not charge for data traffic over the internet, which keeps billing clear and predictable.


Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. With our health data hosting compliance*, you can host French healthcare data securely.

* Coming soon

How to

Create a private network

openstack network create net01

Activate the DHCP

openstack subnet create --dhcp --network net01

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