Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)

Bring your IP addresses, and simplify your migration to OVHcloud.

OVHcloud provides a service for bringing your IP addresses to OVHcloud: Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP). You can use this service to bring your public IPv4 address ranges, and use them as Additional IP blocks.


Why bring your own IP address ranges?

It is a simple way to ensure that your company’s public connectivity is maintained. This is especially the case when you migrate some or all of your services to the cloud.
You remain the owner of the IP addresses you are bringing in. We announce them on the internet, and route them to OVHcloud services.

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Simplified management and configuration

A simplified, guided process for bringing your own IP address ranges to OVHcloud.

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Global availability

The BYOIP service is available in many campuses, for OVHcloud solutions eligible for the Additional IP block service.

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Manageable via API

With this service, you can manipulate your IP address blocks directly via the IPFO API and automate their deployment.

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Configurable from the OVHcloud Control Panel

You can also manipulate and manage your IP address blocks via the OVHcloud Control Panel, for quick and easy configuration.

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Anti-DDoS protection

The service has a level of protection against massive distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Key Features
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IPv4 address ranges

The ranges you bring are segmented into size /24 blocks, and are handled as Additional IP blocks.

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Support for IP address ranges registered with ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) and RIPE (European IP Networks).

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Bring Your Own AS (BYOAS)

Bring your Autonomous System (AS) BGP number.

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Reverse DNS

Optional reverse DNS management by OVHcloud.

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IP addresses and campuses

Free movement of your IP blocks within a campus.

Why use the Bring Your Own IP service?


Maintain the reputation of your IP addresses

Your IP range’s reputation is highly important for massive email activity (marketing, anti-spam, etc.). By bringing your own IP ranges with OVHcloud’s BYOIP service, you will remain responsible for the reputation of your IP addresses.

Simplify service migration to OVHcloud

In a project to move your applications and/or services to the cloud, network continuity for the setup is often a critical element (particularly IP address management).

This is why the ability to ensure continuity in IP addressing is a key factor in making the migration a success. With the OVHcloud BYOIP service, you can re-use your public IP addresses. You also avoid any changes to whitelisting on your network when you migrate to OVHcloud services.


Ensure reversibility for your infrastructure

Bringing a pool of IP addresses is a vital part of migrating your services to OVHcloud, and so is maintaining its reputation — but it is also essential to ensure the reversibility of your infrastructure. You may want to migrate to another cloud provider, or go back to using a private hosting plan.

This way, you can bring IP address ranges to OVHcloud services, and move to a non-OVHcloud service using the same range (excluding IP addresses provided by OVHcloud). This ensures service continuity for your infrastructure.

List of compatible solutions

BYOIP is compatible with Bare Metal products, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud and our vRack private network.

List of available campuses

You can assign your IP address blocks to any compatible service within a campus, i.e. a set of datacentres located in the same geographical region.



RBX (France - Roubaix)*rbx1-8
GRA (France - Gravelines)*gra1-3
SBG (France - Strasbourg)*sbg1-5
WAW (Poland - Warsaw)waw1
LIM (Germany - Limburg)lim1-3
ERI (UK - Erith)eri1
BHS (Canada - Beauharnois)bhs1-8
SYS (Australia - Sydney 1)syd1 (coming soon)
SY2 (Australia - Sydney 2)syd2 (coming soon)
SGP (Singapore)sgp1
YNM (India - Mumbai)ynm1

* Additional IP can be moved between all 3 French campuses, although OVHcloud recommends other failover mechanisms for cross-campus resiliency setups (e.g. DNS with OVHcloud Load Balancer in multiple campuses).

Support and documentation

We offer a range of documentation and online support to assist you in bringing your own IP ranges and configuring them.

Guides and documentation

Guides and documentation

Online support to give you step-by-step advice on using your solutions.

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Professional services

Professional Services

Experts to support you with your projects.

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Your questions answered

What is the OVHcloud Bring Your Own IP service?

It is a Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) service managed by OVHcloud. It allows you to import and use public IPv4 address ranges with OVHcloud Additional IP eligible services.

What is BYOAS?

BYOAS is a feature of the service that enables you to bring your own autonomous system (AS) numbers. These must be registered in advance with a regional internet registry (RIR), such as ARIN or RIPE.

What is Additional IP?

Additional IP is a failover IP that improves service continuity for your applications and systems. With this technology, you can transfer an IP address or block from one service to another quickly, with minimal interruption for your users. It is useful for service migrations (e.g. moving projects from development to production), or when switching to a backup server during a technical issue.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of IP address ranges that can be brought in?

With the BYOIP service, you can bring IPv4 address ranges that are a minimum of /24 in size and a maximum of /19 in size.

What block size can I assign to my OVHcloud solutions?

Once they are brought in, your IP blocks are segmented into several /24 blocks. You can assign them dynamically via the failover IP API.

Can I use the same IP address block on several campuses at once?

No, an IP address block can only be used on one campus.

How long does it take to bring my IP addresses to OVHcloud solutions?

With the OVHcloud BYOIP service, you can bring your own IP addresses in just a few clicks via the OVHcloud Control Panel. The IP addresses are made available within an average of 3 weeks.

Does the BYOIP service support IPv6 addresses?

No, IPv6 addresses are not supported.

Does the service come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Our BYOIP service does not have an SLA. However, the OVHcloud solution on which the IP address block is used may have an SLA. If the solution is covered by a service level agreement, it will be outlined in the terms and conditions applicable to the product.