Comparatif Block Storage

Secure and flexible storage volumes available on demand.

When persistent storage requirements increase, you can instantly meet growing demands by hot-adding extra disks to increase the instance’s capacity. These volumes are securely hosted in our clusters, and can be used to meet the requirements of applications that handle large volumes of data.

Secured by replication

The volumes on each cluster are triple-replicated on three separate disks. Better than a traditional RAID system, the information is distributed on different servers. This ensures the durability of the data in any situation.

Based on Ceph

Ceph is an open-source technology. This allows you to manage demanding, industrial-scale environments, ensuring the scalability of clusters and the reliability of the service. OVHcloud is a partner of the Ceph Foundation, and is investing in the development of this essential building block for OVHcloud.

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ISO/IEC 27001, 27701 and health data hosting compliance*

Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. Thanks to our compliance, you can host healthcare data securely.

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Our Block Storage range

Standard High Speed High Speed Gen2
Prioritising the price-GB ratio, "standard" volumes are ideal for storing large amounts of data without any particular performance requirements. “High speed” volumes can be used to meet needs where storage must be accompanied by high read and write performance. High Speed Gen2 volumes deliver the performance you need in terms of IOPS and bandwidth
Triple replication Triple replication Triple replication
200 IOPS guaranteed
Up to 64 MB/s per volume
Up to 3000 IOPS
Up to 128 MB/s per volume
30 IOPS/GB up to 16,000 IOPS per volume
0.5 MB/s/GB up to 320 MB/s per volume


Use case

Create a volume
openstack volume create --type high-speed --size 300 logsdb01

Resize a volume
openstack volume set logdb01 --size 1024

Attach a volume to an instance
openstack server add volume inst01 logdb01

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With volumes ranging from 1 GB to 4 TB, you can start small, then scale up as your needs evolve.


Trigger snapshots at any time, to freeze the data status while continuing to use your volume. You can then retrieve your data in its desired state.

Import and export your data

In accordance with our reversibility policy, OVHcloud allows you to easily recover your volume using traditional tools, such as OpenStack's CLI. You can also import a volume to the OVHcloud platform, to use directly on your instances.

Migrating instances

You can hot-add and hot-remove volumes. You can also use a volume to move data from one instance to another, within the same region, almost instantaneously.

Pricing Public Cloud

Block Storage Billing

Volumes are charged per GB, per hour, depending on the chosen range. The rates shown are for 1 GB, used for a full month.

What is Block Storage?

Block Storage is a solution you can use to store your data on disks attached to your instances by blocks on disk arrays. Your data is distributed across disks separate from your machine. This way, you can control your storage capacity by adding disks to suit your needs.

Cloud block storage is a persistent storage system with triple data replication for added resilience. You can also capture your Block Storage volumes with the Volume Snapshot solution. By taking a “snapshot” at a specific time of all the data contained in your Block Storage, you can restore it completely from this backup, if required.


What are the advantages of cloud block storage?

With its block storage system, cloud block storage is ideal for storing a high volume of data. By adding disks, you can increase your hosting capacity according to your needs. What’s more, the speed and redundancy of this system make it easier to manipulate data. Separate block storage simplifies the configuration and modification of your information, while ensuring an optimal user experience with high availability.


Cloud block storage also guarantees additional resilience, thanks to the redundancy of our block storage system. This ensures that your data is preserved in the event that one of the disks or a machine fails.


What SLA does OVHcloud offer for accessing the Block Storage service?

The SLA guarantees 99.9% monthly availability for accessing the Block Storage service. For further information, please refer to the Terms & conditions.

What SLA does OVHcloud offer for data resilience on the Block Storage service?

The data resilience rate is 100% on the Block Storage service. For further information, please refer to the Terms & conditions.

Can I resize a Block Storage volume?

Yes, you can enlarge a volume. If it is formatted by a file system, you can extend it later.

Can a volume be moved from one region to another?

You can do this by performing an export-import operation that passes through the image catalogue.

Can I migrate from classic to high speed?

You can do this by performing an export-import operation that passes through the image catalogue.

What is the maximum size for a volume?

We recommend not exceeding 4TB per volume.

What locations are available for the Block Storage service?

The Public Cloud solution is available in Europe (Gravelines, Strasbourg, London, Frankfurt, Warsaw), North America (Beauharnois) and the Asia-Pacific region (Sydney, Singapore).

What are the differences between High Speed and High Speed Gen2?

The new High Speed Gen2 solution is based on hardware that includes SSD disks with NVMe interfaces. The performance allocation is progressive and linear (30 IOPS allocated per GB and 0.5MB/s allocated per GB) with a maximum of 20k IOPS and 1GB/s per volume. Your IOPS and bandwidth performance will increase as you scale up your storage space.

With the High Speed solution, performance is fixed. You will get up to 3,000 IOPS per volume, regardless of the volume size. High Speed performance is theoretically best for volumes up to 100GB. Above 100GB per volume, you will get enhanced performance with a High Speed Gen2 volume.