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Innovate faster with cloud automation tools

A cloud platform not only provides on-demand computing resources connected to the network, but flexible storage as well. It also offers tools to operate and automate actions, such as deployments, maintenance or scaling up during peak loads

The various tools and services below will help your to better manage your processes and software stacks, whether they are virtualised or containerised.

Our cloud solutions for orchestration and industrialisation

Managed Kubernetes Service

Orchestrate your containerised applications with a CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster

Managed Private Registry

Manage a repository for your software building blocks, in the form of Docker images or Helm charts

Private Image Catalog

Maintain and store personalised images of your virtual servers within your private catalog

Public Image Catalog

Get dozens of cloud images, provided and managed by OVHcloud, ranging from simple system images to pre-installed applications

Workflow Management

Automate your tasks to operate cloud resources based on your business logic, and adapt them to suit any situation

OpenStack Orchestration

Model and deploy your infrastructure in code form to accelerate your deployments and other pre-established scenarios

Load Balancer for Managed Kubernetes Service

Manage variations in activity by distributing traffic across multiple resources



OVHcloud takes sovereignty and freedom of personal data very seriously. You can recover your data at any time using standard protocols.


As a cloud computing provider responsible for hosting personal data, our commitment involves respecting data confidentiality.


Depending on the solution you choose, our service level agreements may vary. In all cases, OVHcloud does everything possible to guarantee the replication of your data and anticipate hardware malfunctions.


Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. With our health data hosting compliance*, you can host French healthcare data securely.

* Coming soon

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