Public bandwidth

Public bandwidth adapted to capture your full potential

We include public bandwidth  with each dedicated server, as well as additional guaranteed bandwidth options and unlimited, unmetered traffic.

Your dedicated server has a minimum public bandwidth of 500Mbps, with a burst available to absorb the occasional peak traffic. You can also increase your bandwidth capacity, and make it guaranteed for specific upload requirements or mass distribution like software updates, VOD (video on demand) and live streaming. With available connections across the globe, our network enables you to optimise your infrastructure for distribution worldwide.

Public bandwidth OVHcloud
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Unlimited and unmetered traffic

Our bandwidth is unlimited and unmetered. On top of your default public bandwidth, and depending on your project’s resource requirements, you can choose an additional guaranteed bandwidth option. This ensures you maintain constant throughput for ingress and egress traffic.  

Burst option included and guaranteed options

With our burst option you can increase your bandwidth on-demand to accommodate increased traffic loads. The 1 Gbps and 3 Gbps burst feature is enabled by default on 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps (respectively). Perfect for guaranteeing performance during peak traffic or for on-demand high speed for software updates.

Network connectivity optimised to suit your needs

The OVHcloud network infrastructure adapts to the needs and location of your users in order to guarantee the quality of data transfer to your customers. Our bandwidth offerings enable you to take advantage of all or part of the global OVHcloud infrastructure; which includes datacentres across Europe, Asia and America. Optimised performance means decreased latency, a better user experience and improved traffic flow.

Want to extend your Public Bandwidth capacity?

Login to the OVHcloud control panel to extend your Public Bandwidth capacity today

Public bandwidth meeting your needs

Be ready for peak traffic OVHcloud

Be ready for peak traffic

When it comes to traffic surges, it’s impossible to know what’s around the corner. Global events, trends, and malicious activity can all cause unexpected spikes. That’s not to mention successful marketing campaigns which, although designed to pull in traffic, can sometimes catch IT teams off guard. It’s not always possible to know what causes surges, but if you’re unprepared, peak traffic will wreak havoc on websites, causing traffic jams, delays and websites crashes. With guaranteed bandwidth and burst options, our bandwidth offering is ideal for network load peaks. If traffic exceeds your guaranteed bandwidth, the burst feature will accommodate the extra load.  

Upload requirements OVHcloud

Be ready for upload requirements or mass distribution like software updates

Upload requirements are often blamed for ‘breaking the internet’, usually when thousands of users perform hefty software updates at the same time. With OVHcloud, you can increase the bandwidth included by default and make it guaranteed for specific upload requirements or mass distribution like software updates.

media requirements OVHcloud

Be ready for media requirements: VOD (video on demand) and live streaming

Network connection plays a critical role in creating great online media and live video. Movies, VOD and live streaming rely on very large information requests to play without latency issues. Scaling is, in particular, a huge challenge for online media platforms, especially when network infrastructure isn’t up to the task. The resulting latency issues have a huge impact on user experience, particularly when it comes to live broadcasts. While there are a range of issues that will affect video quality and latency, network limitations are often the culprit. With our optimised cross-connection service, your network adapts to the needs and locations of your users to guarantee the quality of data transfer. This ensures your on-demand and live streaming services go off without a hitch.

Public bandwidth for dedicated servers

What is bandwidth?

In computing, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred across the network. It’s the transmission capacity of a connection, in other words the maximum rate of data transfer. When we talk about dedicated servers, bandwidth is the maximum amount of data transmitted to and from the server per second.

Historically, the bandwidth was measured in bits per second (bps). However, today’s network connections provide much higher rates. For example, OVHcloud dedicated servers are equipped with 500Mbps bandwidth by default. Additional public bandwidth options allow you to increase that capacity, even to 10Gbps (gigabits per second).

How to increase bandwidth?

To increase guaranteed bandwidth of your dedicated server at OVHcloud, login to your control panel using your ID and password credentials.

To optimise your OVHcloud bandwidth solution, evaluate how much data you might need to fulfill your bandwidth requirements in the future. This way, you avoid having to upgrade your bandwidth requirements at a later date.

All OVHcloud dedicated servers can access public network with a given, guaranteed and unmetered bandwidth. However, some digital projects, such as VOD (video on demand) or live streaming services, require intensive data transmission and additional network bandwidth to broadcast media.